2022 Holiday Gift Guide - Fossil Crates

2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Want to buy your favorite dino fan a crate but don't know which one to buy?  No worries, we've got you covered!

Tyrannosaurus rex, King of the Dinosaurs
Tyrannosaurus rex fossil crates
Tyrannosaurus rex is the most popular dinosaur for a reason. The Ultimate T. rex crate includes 3 different teeth casts from the animal whose bite was the most powerful of any creature that walked on land plus a cast of the famous hand claw.  Click here to check out this most popular crate.

For all things T. rex you can't go wrong choosing anything from our T. rex skull-to-toe collection! Click here to check out our spectacular line of T. rex casts.

Versus Collection
Spinosaurus versus Tyrannosaurus Ultimate crate
For those who like a good paleo-fight, our Versus crates help the imagination with match-ups like T. rex versus Spinosaurus, the reigning champ goes up against its most threatening challenger yet! Click here to check out this most popular Versus crate.

For other thrilling matchups, you can't go wrong with anything from our Ultimate Versus collection. Simply click here to see more.

Raptor Collection
raptor velociraptor deinonychus dromaeosaurus fossil crates
If your dino-lover is a raptor fan our Ultimate Raptor crate is a must! Our Ultimate Raptor crate includes killing claws from 3 different raptors plus an exclusive lower jaw that has never been available before. Click here to check out the Ultimate Raptor crate. Check out all of our raptor goodness here.
Utahraptor "Killing" Claw Cast
You also can't go wrong with the fan favorite Utahraptor claw, the largest of all raptors! At 6" long it makes a great "stalking" stuffer!  

Marine Marauders
megalodon cretoxyrhina tylosaurus xiphactinus fossil crates
If your paleo lover likes their animals aquatic, you won't find a better assortment of the coolest ocean-going predators! Own casts of the largest marine predators that lived alongside the dinosaurs and the largest shark that ever lived, Megalodon!  Click here to check out these powerful bites!

Fossil Casts and Artwork Collection

For items that stand out on their own, check out our Fossil Casts and Artwork Collection featuring the most popular teeth and claws. Here you'll find the most single casts of the most popular dinosaurs: massive T. rex toe claw, gigantic Megalodon tooth, wicked Velociraptor claw, and more! Click here for all these stunning specimens.
Scaled Skulls
T. rex Scaled Skull
3D Printed from laser-scanned originals, these Scaled Skulls make every desk and bookshelf that much better! Our most popular is the wondrous Tyrannosaurus rex but all of them are equally amazing! 
However, T. rex isn't the only Scaled Skull we offer. Check out our complete lineup!
Triceratops Scaled Skull Left Profile
Pachycephalosaurus Scaled Skull
Aenocyon dirus "Dire Wolf"
Dire Wolf Scaled Skull
Gomphotherium, the "Nail Beast"
Coelodonta antiquitatus "Woolly Rhino"
Woolly Rhino
Full-sized Skulls

Looking for a statement piece?  Something that will brighten an entire room?  Look no more! Fossil Crates offers full-sized skull casts of prehistoric creatures!  






Daspletosaurus Fossil Crates

Daspletosaurus, a cousin of Tyrannosaurus, is one of our largest offering at over 3' long.  

Dromaeosaurus fossil crates

Dromaeosaurus, one of the fiercest "raptor" dinosaurs.  

Xiphactinus fossil crates

Xiphactinus, the "Bull Dog Fish," is as impressive of a skull as you will find. 

Check them all out here.  

How about a Uniquely Personal Paleontology Experience?

Dr. Brian Curtice Fossil Crates

Ever wanted to speak with a paleontologist one-on-one?  Now you can! Speak with Fossil Crates paleontologist Dr. Brian Curtice via video conference. Learn more here. 

We hope this guide was helpful. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at Brian@Fossilcrates.com 

Thank you kindly!


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