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Dire Wolf Scaled Skull - Aenocyon (Canis) dirus

Dire Wolf Scaled Skull - Aenocyon (Canis) dirus

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Own a Scaled Skull of the most powerful dog to ever live! Aenocyon dirus (= Canis dirus) is the new name for this gigantic canid.

Every bit as large as the wolves in a recent popular TV and book series, Aenocyon dirus, aka the Dire Wolf, averaged 150 lbs in weight. It had the strongest bite of any dog ever discovered and lived in packs capable of taking down and eating horses, camels, bison, and even mammoths and mastodons. The La Brea tarpits have produced hundreds of its skulls and jumbled skeletons.

This 1:3 scale model was laser scanned and 3D printed from an actual skull. 

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  • Dire Wolf Scaled Skull (7" long, ~4" wide, 4 1/2" tall). The base is 6" long, 2.5" wide, by ~1" thick.
  • Nameplate
  • Exclusive 5" x 7" paleo artwork

This replica is hand painted by paleo artisans in the USA, therefore they are subject to variation in color making each specimen unique.

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