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Beelzebufo Skeleton Cast

Beelzebufo Skeleton Cast

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Beelzebufo, the Devil Toad, was arguably the heaviest frog to ever live.  It terrorized creatures in the Late Cretaceous (70-66 million years ago) on the island of Madagascar.

Its mouth allowed it to swallow creatures even larger than itself, including baby dinosaurs.  Related to the Pac-man frogs of today, this voracious amphibian has both massively wide and armored heads, as well as over 100 teeth, all in its upper jaw.

This skeleton cast was made from scans of the actual bones excavated in Madagascar, with the full support of the paleontologists that excavated, studied, and named this magnificent beast.

Your purchase of this frog supports the Madagascar paleontology collection and its personnel.  

Fossil Crates also donates a percentage of the sales price directly to the Ankizy Fund,, which provides schools and healthcare to children that live in remote villages near numerous paleontologically significant localities.

Frogs are measured via a number called Snout-to-Vent Length (SVL), which is the tip of the nose to the back of the tail area :-)).  This massively wide behemoth has an SVL of almost 10", longer than any living frog but the Goliath Frog (which is practically skinny in comparison to Beelzebufo's width!).  The head is 6.5" wide, wider than just about all frogs are long!  As mounted, it is 4 1/4" tall and 12" long.

Beelzebufo casts have an approximate 30-day lead time from the time of order to when they ship.

We are happy to help with signage, offering scientifically accurate display text and artwork in both ready-to-print files and fully printed signs. We can help design your Beelzebufo exhibit as well, with the giant frog as the star or as a supporting cast member of a larger exhibit.

Email for additional shipping and exhibit information.

PS - We offer Adalatherium, the "Crazy Beast" of Madagascar if you are looking to build a Madagascar or early mammal-themed exhibit (or just want something stunning on the shelf)!

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