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Video Chat with a Paleontologist

Video Chat with a Paleontologist

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Dr. Brian Curtice (aka Dr. BC) is a renowned dinosaur paleontologist who recently confirmed Supersaurus as the longest dinosaur so far discovered. To find out more click here.

Dr. BC also ended Ultrasauros' reign as a dinosaur as well as shrunk and demoted Seismosaurus. Check some of Dr. BC's other media appearances as well as publications here

Most recently he has been working on a new kind of brachiosaurid from the Morrison Formation, describing new Haplocanthosaurus species, determining the age of super-giant sauropods, and participating in studies of new Cretaceous theropods from the southwestern United States.

As the host of Fossil Crates Live!, an interactive online group for aspiring paleontologists and dinosaur fans, he speaks with paleontologists on Zoom x2/month, keeping up-to-date on the latest in paleontological discoveries.

Dr. BC has been a guest speaker for many museums, schools, children's hospitals, and private events.

A private 30 minute video conference with Dr. BC is perfect for school classes, homeschool gatherings, scouts, science clubs, as well as for all dinosaur enthusiasts. 

Dr. BC's engaging style is enhanced with dinosaur bones, images, and specimens as well as tales from behind-the-scenes of museums and paleowork on 6 continents. 

This 30-minute videoconference can be customized for your specific needs.  

Please provide the best phone number or email address in the notes when placing your order so Dr. Curtice can contact you to discuss details for your customized conference. 

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