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Torosaurus latus Scaled Skull

Torosaurus latus Scaled Skull

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Own a scientifically accurate model of Torosaurus, which possessed the largest known dinosaur skull. 

This scientifically accurate 1/13th scale model was created by scanning a nearly 9' full-sized Torosaurus skull and then 3D printing it to scale.

Because it was at one time falsely believed by some paleontologists to be a large male Triceratops, we include a FREE double-rooted Triceratops tooth cast as their teeth are all but indistinguishable from each other.

This replica is hand painted by paleo artisans in the USA, therefore they are subject to variation in color making each specimen unique.

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  • Torosaurus¬†Scaled Skull (1/13th scale):¬†6 1/2" long,¬†5 3/4"¬†wide,¬†6" tall (7" tall on the wooden base)
  • Nameplate
  • Triceratops double-rooted¬†tooth cast
  • Exclusive 5" x 7" paleo artwork
  • Map of the skull bones
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