About Us

Dr. Brian Curtice aka Dr. BC - The Academic.  Dr. BC actively publishes research on dinosaurs and finds great joy in multi-syllabic terminology such as the intricacies of supraprezygapophyseal laminae within the sauropodomorpha...  Say that 3 times fast :-).  He is a wonderful presenter to children and adults and is one of the paleontologists that is available to speak with via teleconference.

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Dr. Brian Curtice in December, 2019 sharing a smile with the holotype of Abydosaurus.


Jacob Jett - The Paleontologist Extraordinaire.  Jacob does it all!  He discovers, excavates, prepares, molds, casts, and displays the fossils.  Though an expert on marine turtles, Jacob has an incredible knowledge of all Mesozoic life.  He is an excellent musician, astronomer, and amazing speaker and is available to speak via teleconference to share his tales of adventure in the field and the lab!

Fear of heights is not an issue for Jacob!



Meghan Crown - Business meets adventure!  World traveler, writer extraordinaire, business savvy, and all around amazing individual, Meghan brings her curiosity, genius, and fun to every Fossil Crates product!

Meghan searching for new locales!


Jake Crown - Have business jacket, will travel!  Jake's knowledge of marketing and sales means Fossil Crates keeps making the coolest products at the best prices.  His intrepid adventurer spirit means he's the first to jump into an airplane to fly to a new locale!

Jake’s fossil dance!  


Dr. Cristy Lopez has spent decades helping people pursue their passions as a psychologist and coach. As a lover of science and learning, she lends her skills to the Fossil Crates team primarily in the area of marketing to help our mission of ensuring that everyone have access to the same museum-grade accurate specimens along with exclusive artwork and information from the latest research.






Fossil Crates is located at 1305 W Auto Dr, Tempe, AZ  85201