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Xiphactinus skull, the Bull Dog Fish

Xiphactinus skull, the Bull Dog Fish

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Xiphactinus‭ ('zy-fac-tin-us', means "sword ray") is often called the "bulldog fish", one look at its toothy maw shows why!  The teeth were not simply for show as numerous specimens have been preserved with entire fish in their stomach, one was even found with a mosasaur (a giant marine reptile) flipper in its mouth!  

This cast is large and in charge, immediately starting conversation wherever it is placed!  

This skull came from a 17' long fish!  Body not included but available.  Email for more info.

The freight price that appears when you place an order for this skull cast is merely a placeholder.  Once you have placed the order, or before placing an order if you prefer, email so the team can determine lead time and a shipping price.  This is a big, impressive specimen!!!

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