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Fossil Crates

Vintana Skull Cast

Vintana Skull Cast

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Vintana is one of the largest mammals we know of to live alongside dinosaurs. This skull was found in Late Cretaceous rocks 66 million years old in Madagascar.  

The skull is one of the most important mammal skulls ever found as it resolved a number of mysteries about bits of mammal teeth and jaws that had been collected in the past. The animal was nearly 20 lbs in life, and likely ate plants and animals.

It has a bizarre flange on the side of its skull, the purpose of which is unknown. In many ways, the skull produced more mysteries than solved!

This skull is 3D scanned and printed from the original specimen and is life-sized. It is research-ready, being a complete, unaltered print of the high-resolution scans. It comes with a display stand.

***Contact for a current estimate regarding how long it will take to complete the order.***

Dimensions: 5.7” (L) x 4” (W) x 4” (H), 5.2” tall on stand

Fossil Crates donates a portion of the proceeds to, a charity dedicated to providing education and healthcare to remote villages near Malagasy fossil localities.  

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