Dr. BC's Curtice papers

Me excavating a Diplodocus sacral (hip) complex.  Shortly after this photo was taken I realized I had not only discovered the hip but also a large section of the tail, nearly the entire hind limb, and a number of the back bones.  I spent two field seasons excavating this specimen and nearly 2 years preparing it for study.  It is available housed in the collections of the Brigham Young University Museum of Paleontology in Provo, Utah.


I study sauropod dinosaurs, the longest, tallest, and heaviest creatures that ever walked the earth.  Below are selected academic papers as well in some popular literature I was mentioned in.

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The paper "slaying" Ultrasaurus 

A paper describing baby sauropod dinosaurs  

A paper on the location of a historically significant Alamosaurus locale 


World's Longest Dinosaur

Dr. BC publishes information on Supersaurus, the world's longest dinosaur

Popular Literature where Dr. Curtice has appeared

Discover Magazine Top 100 Science stories in 1996  

The story of eliminating Ultrasaurus appeared in a Dinosaur Discoveries article 

My work on Seismosaurus in the news 

2021 December - Supersaurus, world's longest dinosaur write-up