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Utahraptor Hand Claw Cast and Artwork with Easter Gift Bag

Utahraptor Hand Claw Cast and Artwork with Easter Gift Bag

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Cuteness never goes extinct! The Utahraptor hand claw cast now comes with fun and cute Easter gift bags!

Pick from an Easter Bunny, Easter Eggs, Easter Bunny Egg, Chick with Sunglasses, Chick Sleeping, or Easter Chick.

Utahraptor is the largest of all the dromaeosaurids (="raptors" of Hollywood fame) at over 20' long and 1,000 lbs.

Never before has an actual Utahraptor hand claw cast been offered! This is the first and only Utahraptor hand claw cast available to date making this another Fossil Crates exclusive.

In fact, Utahraptor hand claws have not even been included on mounts of Utahraptor. Instead, Utahraptor foot claws have been erroneously used in place of hand claws on mounts in museums. 

This museum-quality Utahraptor hand claw cast also comes with exclusive paleoart and up-to-date information on this popular dino from actual dinosaur paleontologists!

Great gifts for Easter parties and to include in Easter baskets!

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