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Total T. rex

Total T. rex

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No die hard Tyrannosaurus rex fan should be without the Total T. rex package!  

A life-sized, museum-quality (it is in museums now!) polyresin cast not just of any T. rex skull, but the famous Tufts-Love, the most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skull, ever discovered. Plus a 1:8th scaled version that makes a perfect desk companion, a giant toe claw cast, a tooth cast we have not offered for sale elsewhere, and our  Ultimate Tyrannosaurus crate which includes 3 more awesome teeth and a hand claw. Whew!

 The Total T. rex includes:

  • Full-sized Skull on a stand
  • 1:8 Scaled Skull
  • Huge dentary tooth
  • Large maxilla tooth
  • Smaller maxilla tooth
  • Premaxilla tooth
  • Huge Toe claw
  • Hand claw
  • Exclusive paleoart
  • 1 hour conversation with Dr. Brian Curtice and Jacob Jett

This is an exact resin replica of the famous Tufts-Love Tyrannosaurus rex skull made by scanning and 3D printing the complete fossil. This specimen was excavated under a permit from the Hell Creek Formation of Montana from the Bureau of Land Management land. The original specimen, mounted by Triebold Paleontology, Inc. is on display at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, specimen number UWBM 99000.

With our Tyrannosaurus rex skull you are truly Bringing the Museum Home! It is the perfect statement piece and conversation starter for any home or office.
This is a big, impressive specimen that takes many hours to make and prepare. Contact for a current estimate regarding how long it will take to complete the order.
The freight price that appears when you place an order for this skull cast is merely a placeholder. Once you have placed the order, or before placing an order if you prefer, email so the team can determine a shipping price.
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