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Toothless Terrors Crate - Anzu, Ornithomimus, Struthiomimus

Toothless Terrors Crate - Anzu, Ornithomimus, Struthiomimus

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Not all theropod dinosaurs had sharp teeth... meet Anzu, Ornithomimus, and Struthiomimus, 3 dinosaurs that lacked teeth entirely!

Don't let their lack of teeth fool you, they were the fastest of the dinosaurs, exceeding 40 mph, had arms longer than an average human that ended in 2 large, sharp claws and a smaller claw, and their legs ended in sharp claws. Imagine beasts larger than an ostrich running toward you at top speed with a powerful kick! 

What they ate is anyone's guess, however most paleontologists believe they were omnivores, using their speed and long, sharp hand and foot claws to run down prey. Additionally, it is possible they used the long claws on their hands to bend branches down to better reach leaves.


  • Anzu foot claw cast 3" long

  • Anzu hand claw cast 4 1/2" long

  • Anzu hand claw cast (different claw) 4 1/2" long

  • Ornithomimus hand claw cast 3" long

  • Ornithomimus foot claw cast 2 1/2" long

  • Struthiomimus hand claw cast (Digit 2) 5" long

  • Struthiomimus hand claw cast (Digit 1) 2 1/2" long

  • Exclusive paleoart perfect for framing and display

  • Up-to-date, fascinating facts on these magnificent creatures from actual dinosaur paleontologists

  • Certificates of Authenticity

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  • Unique Unboxing Experience

All replicas are cast from molds of the original fossil and hand-painted by paleoartisans in the USA.

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