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Protosphyraena Skull Cast, a "Sword Fish" of Sorts!

Protosphyraena Skull Cast, a "Sword Fish" of Sorts!

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Protosphyraena, ("early barracuda") isn't related to barracudas, or swordfish, at all, but with a body over 7' long, a long "sword", and toothy maw, it is easy to see why early paleontologists thought so!  (Cool fact, modern swordfish adults lack teeth!)

Own a cast of the best-preserved Protosphyraena yet discovered!

The freight price that appears when you place an order for this skull cast is merely a placeholder.  Once you have placed the order, or before placing an order if you prefer, email so the team can determine lead time and a shipping price.  This is a big, impressive specimen!!!

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