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Majungasaurus Skull Cast

Majungasaurus Skull Cast

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Majungasaurus was the apex predator in the Late Cretaceous of Madagascar.  This skull is the most accurate available, created from 3D scanning a nearly complete Majungasaurus skull and the missing elements were provided by other skulls found nearby.  The Madagascar team led by Dr. David Krause supervised the restoration of this skull.

Skull Dimensions: 22.5" L x 12" W x 17.5" H

Majungasaurus was an abelisaurid, a kind of meat-eating dinosaur with ridiculously short arms, resulting in it relying almost entirely upon its skull for dispatching prey.  As such, the skull is heavily fused, designed to survive thrashing victims.

Majungasaurus is the first known cannibalistic dinosaur!  Tooth marks on bones indicate they ate one another.  What we don't know is if they also intentionally killed each other for food.

This is a big, impressive specimen that takes many hours to make and prepare. Contact for a current estimate regarding how long it will take to complete the order.
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