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The Day the Dinosaurs Died Crate

The Day the Dinosaurs Died Crate

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Pachycephalosaurus, Troodon, Thescelosaurus, and Ankylosaurus, were thriving when the asteroid pummeled the planet killing all dinosaurs. Now, you can own toe claw casts from the first three and a scute from the beloved Ankylosaurus.

Troodon, the "Wounding Tooth," is amongst the dinosaurs most closely related to birds.  Here we offer one of its fearsome toe claws.

Thescelosaurus, the "Marvelous Lizard," though not the fastest of the Late Cretaceous dinosaurs, had toes that helped it get up to max speed quickly. Important when living alongside Tyrannosaurus!

Ankylosaurus, the "Fused Lizard," had armor all over its body, even on its eyelids!  This scute is from the middle side of its back and shows that even trying to kick this herbivore over may result in massive shin damage.

Pachycephalosaurus, the "Thick-headed Lizard," needs no introduction with a battering ram for a skull and fleet of foot, this dinosaur icon is amongst the coolest, and rarest, of dinosaurs!


  • Ankylosaurus 3" scute cast
  • Thescelosaurus 1.25" toe claw cast
  • Troodon 2.25" toe claw cast
  • Pachycephalosaurus nearly 3" toe claw cast
  • Exclusive paleoart perfect for framing and display
  • Up-to-date, fascinating facts on these Cretaceous classic dinosaurs, from actual dinosaur paleontologists
  • Certificates of Authenticity
  • Fossil Crates Membership Certificate
  • Free Shipping 
  • Unique unboxing experience

All replicas are cast from molds of the original fossil and hand-painted by paleoartisans in the USA.

Choose to have your specimens shipped in a Standard or Wooden Crate!

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