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Triceratops Tooth Cast and Artwork

Triceratops Tooth Cast and Artwork

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Triceratops, one of the best-known dinosaurs, had a special-to-some-ceratopsians double-rooted tooth!  Triceratops had up to 800 teeth in its mouth that formed what is called a "dental battery" where there were no gaps between any of the teeth.  However, only the topmost tooth was actually used to cut food, the remaining teeth underneath (up to 4) were always growing, pushing upwards, to make sure the tooth was as sharp as could be.

This tooth was cast from a double-rooted tooth that came from the jaw of a Triceratops.  Normally these teeth are found shed with the root being rotted.

This tooth also ships with unique Triceratops artwork.

Each hand-painted cast was made in the U.S. from molds from the original fossil. 

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