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Dromaeosaurus "Killing Claw" Cast and Artwork

Dromaeosaurus "Killing Claw" Cast and Artwork

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Dromaeosaurus, despite appearing in museums all over the world and having many chapters written about it, is one of the rarest of all the raptors with only a few fragmentary skeletons having been discovered.

What was found has been enough to establish that Dromaeosaurus had a "killing claw" and a skull that was sturdier than the average raptor, meaning it had all the swiftness and power of a raptor and the ferocious biting power of much larger meat-eaters!


  • Dromaeosaurus "killing claw" cast
  • Up-to-date, fascinating facts about this fearsome predator of the Cretaceous from actual dinosaur paleontologists
  • Exclusive artwork by award-winning and up-and-coming paleoartists perfect for framing and display
  • Certificates of Authenticity
  • Fossil Crates Membership Certificate

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Each hand-painted cast is made in the U.S. from molds from the original fossil.

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