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Life Size Daspletosaurus Skull Cast

Life Size Daspletosaurus Skull Cast

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Daspletosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex’s older cousin, was the apex predator of its day, at nearly 30' long, and up to 4 tons. This striking skull cast, affectionately named "Pete," is based upon one of the best and most complete skeletons of its kind ever discovered. The skull is over 4’ long and filled with dozens of large, sharp teeth that could crush through solid bone in a single bite!

Pete was unearthed in Montana’s Judith River formation in 2006. This magnificent beast filled 72 plaster jackets with the main torso jacket weighing about 8,000 pounds! Ten years of meticulous lab work were needed to carefully and accurately assemble the entire skeleton. Pete, indeed, is a big, impressive specimen and casts of his skull as well as entire skeleton can be seen in museums.

Now, you too can display this beautifully reconstructed Life Size Daspletosaurus Skull in your home or office. 49”L x 23”W x 36”T

The freight price that appears when you place an order for this amazing Life Size Daspletosaurus Skull cast is merely a placeholder. Once you have placed the order, or before placing an order if you prefer, email Dr. Brian Curtice, dinosaur paleontologist, at for personalized service to determine lead time and a shipping price. 

The Life Size Daspletosaurus Skeleton is also available for venues that support such an awesome display of one of the most fearsome predators to ever live. For personalized service regarding the Life Size Daspletosaurus Skeleton email Dr. Brian Curtice, dinosaur paleontologist, at

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