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Fossil Crates

Spinosaurus Crate

Spinosaurus Crate

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Own a museum-quality cast of a Spinosaurus tooth, unique among the carnivorous dinosaurs in that it is specialized to catch and hold slippery fish.

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, "spine lizard from Egypt" is the longest meat-eating dinosaur ever discovered and the only dinosaur known to actively swim.  

The crate also comes with one of the most impressive dinosaur hand claws ever discovered.  At over 7" long this slightly recurved claw cast would have given Spinosaurus one of the best sushi-knives ever conceived!


The Spinosaurus Crate includes casts of:  

  • Awesomely gigantic¬†Spinosaurus¬†hand claw cast at over 7" long!
  • Spinosaurus¬†5"¬†tooth cast
  • Exclusive artwork¬†by award-winning and up-and-coming paleoartists¬†perfect¬†for framing and display
  • Up-to-date fascinating facts on this beloved dinosaur from actual dinosaur paleontologists
  • Certificates of Authenticity
  • Fossil Crates Membership Certificate
  • Free¬†Shipping on Standard and Wooden Crates

Each hand-painted cast was made in the USA from molds from the original fossils.

The fossils arrive in a burlap sack and shredded wood, just like we pack them in the field.

Choose to have your specimens shipped in the Standard or Wooden Crate!

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