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Spinosaurus vs Tyrannosaurus Scaled Skulls

Spinosaurus vs Tyrannosaurus Scaled Skulls

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Now, Spinosaurus and Tyrannosaurus can square off on your desk, mantle, or the like! Though they never would have met in person these two titans have fought on the silver screen and in the minds of dinosaur fans around the world.

This gorgeous Spinosaurus Scaled Skull is the only one available made from laser scans of original fossils. It was 3D printed at 1/7th scale and represents the latest in Spinosaurus skull knowledge.

As for T. rex, this exact 1/8 scale resin replica of the famous Tufts-Love Tyrannosaurus rex skull was made by scanning and 3d printing the complete fossil. This specimen was excavated under a permit from the Hell Creek Formation of Montana from the Bureau of Land Management land. The original specimen, mounted by Triebold Paleontology, Inc. is now on display at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, specimen number UWBM 99000.


  • Spinosaurus Scaled Skull (1/7 scale): 7" long, 2.5" wide, 3.5" tall (5.5" tall on the wooden base with nameplate)
  • 5" Spinosaurus tooth cast
  • Tyrannosaurus rex Scaled Skull (1/8 scale): 6.5" tall on a heavy stand with nameplate
  • 5" T. rex maxilla tooth cast
  • Exclusive 5" x 7" paleoart of each dinosaur
  • Map of the skull bones for each dinosaur

All replicas are cast from molds of the original fossil and hand-painted by paleoartisans in the USA.

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