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Baby Triceratops Skull Sculpt

Baby Triceratops Skull Sculpt

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This baby Triceratops skull sculpt may be the cutest skull we offer in our entire catalog. It might even be the cutest dinosaur skull! Sculpted from specimens published in the academic literature, this is one of the most adorable, and accurate, baby Triceratops skull casts available.  

The tiny horns and frill demonstrate ontogeny, the change a skull goes through as it grows. These tiny horns suggest Triceratops may have taken care of its young as a small Triceratops would be helpless from the ferocious predators of its day.

This skull sculpt comes on a stand.

Dimensions not on stand and with mouth slightly open:

14 1/2" Long

8" Wide

11" Tall

This is adorable specimen takes many hours to make and prepare. Contact for a current estimate regarding how long it will take to complete the order.
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