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Anzu Skull Cast

Anzu Skull Cast

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Anzu Skull Cast. Own a skull cast of one of the most bizarre and incredible dinosaurs ever discovered, Anzu wyliei! Anzu stood nearly 10' tall, had arms over 4' long with 3 7" killer claws on each powerful hand, and could easily outrun the fastest humans today, Anzu makes ostriches and elephant birds seem tame in comparison. Don't let the toothless mouth fool you, Anzu would have had a powerful beak when alive and could easily have severed a person in two!

Dr. Matthew Lamanna, namer of the dinosaur, discusses it here:

Dr. Brian Curtice talks about the dinosaur in front of a skeleton of one:

Dr. Brian Curtice talks more about it:
Blog here:

This skull is awesome! It comes on a stand. It is museum-quality and is, in fact, on display at numerous museums around the world.

There is an approximate 8-week lead time from when this skull is ordered versus when it ships.

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