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Ankylosaurus Scute Cast and Artwork

Ankylosaurus Scute Cast and Artwork

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Own a ~4" cast of one of the triangular side spikes from an Ankylosaurus!

Ankylosaurus was the "tank dinosaur," with armor everywhere but its stomach, and a tail club the size of a basketball, it needed every bit of defense it could muster as it lived with Tyrannosaurus rex.

This Ankylosaurus scute cast is from the side of the body.  Kicking the animal from the side would result in severe lower leg damage indeed!


  • Ankylosaurus scute cast
  • Exclusive paleoart perfect for framing and display
  • Up-to-date, fascinating facts on this armored dinosaur from actual dinosaur paleontologists
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Fossil Crates Membership Certificate

Each hand-painted cast was made in the U.S. from molds from the original fossil.

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