Triceratops Torosaurus Tyrannosaurus rex battle

Classic Battle!

Now you can recreate the classic dinosaur battle scene portrayed time after time in movies, books, and artwork, as well as countless times in real life...

Tyrannosaurus rex vs Torosaurus (Triceratops' larger cousin)

Tyrannosaurus trex Torosaurus Triceratops battle face off



Face them opposite one another for the ultimate Cretaceous showdown!

Our Scaled Skulls are 3D printed from laser scans of the original fossils. Next, our world-class paleoartists paint the casts to match the original material.

The end result? The most detailed skulls ever offered for sale to the public!

Tyrannosaurus rex

Tyrannosaurus rex scaled skull

The Tyrannosaurus rex Scaled Skull is an exact 1/8 scale resin replica of the famous Tufts-Love Tyrannosaurus rex skull, the most complete T. rex skull ever discovered. This absolutely beautiful skull cast is 6" long and 6" tall.

For an awesome detailed review of our T. rex Scaled Skull, click here!  And to purchase one, click here.

Torosaurus latus

Torosaurus scaled skull

The Torosaurus latus Scaled Skull was scanned from the largest dinosaur skull ever discovered! With a skull nearly 9' long and horns over 3', even Tyrannosaurus would think twice before attacking this giant ceratopsian big brother to Triceratops. Our 1/13 scale version comes in at around 6" long and ~6" tall.

We include a base and a nameplate to display each skull proudly.  Purchase yours here!

You also receive an actual-sized tooth cast from each dinosaur and exclusive, stunning artwork.

Plus, you get a map of the bones of the skull with their names so you can compare their magnificent skulls just like an actual paleontologist!

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