Trex Tyrannosaurus Fossil Crates
This one will probably be easier for the hardcore T. rex fans out there but I haven't figured it out yet so am looking for help. This interesting Tyrannosaurus skull is on display at the #SanRafael museum south of Price, Utah. A fun museum, definitely worth a stop.

Any ideas? I know it isn't AMNH 5027 hahahah! I also ruled out MOR 008. Maybe it is LACM 23845, the "Harley" skull? It certainly has the elongated look but the teeth don't seem to match exactly.

Apologies for nothing in the image for scale, however it is a large skull, on the order of a big T. rex, and much larger than those of #Albertosaurus#Gorgosaurus, and #Daspletosaurus (of which one is on display in the museum attacking a #Chasmosaurus).

A surprisingly short post today Hahahah!
Tyrannosaurus trex Fossil Crates
#Tyrannosaurus has been named by Fossil Crates as the 2020 International Dinosaur Day Ambassador for North America. Tyrannosaurus’ lists of accomplishments are many! Strongest bite, largest dinosaur tooth, best sense of smell, highest revenue generator in Hollywood, voted favorite and most popular dinosaur the most times, is known by a one word name Trex, and inspired a love of science in the most children. Congratulations to Tyrannosaurus for being named a Dinosaur Ambassador!

Art by Tracy Ford
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