Tarbosaurus bataar

Tarbosaurus bataar fossil crates

#8 seed Tarbosaurus bataar - “Hero alarming lizard”

Family: Tyrannosauridae
From: Mongolia, Asia
Lived: 70 m.y.a., in the Late Cretaceous
Named: Maleev 1955

Fight Day Stats
39’ 2" long (11.9 m)
Weighed in at 5 tons (10,312 pounds, 4,677 kg)

Tarbosaurus’ closest relative is Tyrannosaurus and some paleontologists even consider Tarbosaurus to simply be a different species of T. rex. But don’t tell that to Tarbosaurus! With over 50 teeth nearly 4” long, a considerably stiffened jaw thanks to unique skeletal modifications, massive bite strength, and keen hearing and smell, this apex predator could hold its own against anything! Its arms were somehow even smaller than that of T. rex! Powerful legs and a long tail made it highly mobile for such a large predator.

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