Paleo Portals Virtual Summer Camp

Join Fossil Crates paleontologists for an incredible week of dinosaur facts and fun!

June 21st - 25th (Monday - Friday) 

12 - 1PM MST (12 - 1 PM Arizona Time) [GMT - 7]

Hot outside?  Join paleontologists on a dinosaur adventure in the Fossil Crates Paleo Portals Virtual Museum* from the comfort of your home.  Discover everything you wanted to know about the lives of dinosaurs, what paleontologists do, and how to become a paleontologist!

Get up close and personal with Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus, Triceratops, Allosaurus, and Ankylosaurus.


For a hands-on experience get your very own museum-grade casts of these wondrous dinosaurs via the Paleo Portals Virtual Summer Camp Crate.  The crate only ships within the US and contains the specific fossils Dr. BC will be discussing throughout the week. 

Conclude the week with a virtual Flaming Cliffs dinosaur hunt to discover your own virtual fossils.

By the end of this experience you will level up your dinosaur knowledge and speak like a paleontologist!   

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Daily Discoveries

  • Monday: Past meets the Present!  Exploring the Virtual Museum. 
  • Tuesday: Living with Tyrannosaurus. How Triceratops and Ankylosaurus survived and thrived alongside the world's most ferocious predator!
  • Wednesday: Its all in the Teeth... and Claws!  Comparing the teeth and claws of Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus, and Allosaurus and what the differences say to a paleontologist.
  • Thursday: Keep Yourself Alive!  Plant-eating dinosaur defenses explained!  
  • Friday: Virtual EXCAVATION! Learn how professional paleontologists find fossils while searching (virtually) for them at the (virtual) Flaming Cliffs.

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 Hosted by: Dr. Brian Curtice

Dr. Brian Curtice is a dinosaur paleontologist, Research Associate at the Arizona Museum of Natural History, and founder of Fossil Crates. He has traveled six continents studying dinosaurs, lecturing, and teaching worldwide.

As a sauropod specialist, Dr. BC is responsible for "eliminating" Ultrasauros, Dystylosaurus, and Seismosaurus, and demonstrating Supersaurus is the longest dinosaur yet discovered.

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Crates ship within the United States only

*Virtual Museum open to anyone in the world!

**Virtual Museum requires a working camera and microphone**