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Paleo Portals

Twice a month join Dr. BC and special guests for live interactive video calls. You get to ask your questions and share your knowledge about all things paleontology. We have had great fun and fascinating conversations with paleontologists, geologists, zoologists, 3D technologists, paleo artists, museum curators, collection managers, and many more.

Can't make the live calls? No problem. Recordings are available
in the portal.

Plus, you can find over 50 videos on all things paleontology
that you can watch at your own pace.

Want to be a paleontologist or interested in all things paleontology? Then Paleo Portals is definitely for you. 


Upcoming Guests

Past Guests

Dinosaur Paleontologists

Dr. Ray Wilhite: Sauropod Expert

Dr. John Foster: Jurassic Expert

Dr. Matt Lamanna: Gondwanan Expert 

Dr. Andrew Farke: Cretaceous Ecosystems

Matthew Mossbrucker: Morrison Expert 

Rebecca Hunt Foster: Dinosaur National Monument Paleontologist


Paleontology Students

Emily Keeble: PhD Student at Virginia Tech

Kyle Atkins-Weltman: Graduate Student


Field Paleontologist/Lab Technician

Jacob Jett: Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Research Center 

Skye Walker: Auburn University Museum of Natural History


Paleontology Lab Technicians

Taylor Oswald: Brigham Young University

Jorge Plata: Houston Museum of Natural History


Paleontology Technology

Alena Skysail: Photogrammetry

Evelyn Vollmeer: 3D Specialist


Paleo Artists

Gustavo Monroy


Sean Fox

Paleo Author

Elaine Howard: Passion in the Bones


Science Educator

Gabe Santos: National Geographic Fellowship


 Museum Director

 Terri Thompson: Museum at Prairie Fire