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Madagascar is well known for having some of the coolest and most unique creatures of present and past. Dr. David Krause, vertebrate paleontologist and past Paleo Portals guest, has been leading fruitful expeditions to this biodiverse hotspot for over a quarter of a century. 

Some of Madagascar's famous finds include the cannibalistic short-armed Majungasaurus, the bizarrely jawed predator Masiakasaurus, and arguably the most dangerous frog that ever lived, Beelzebufo.

In addition to Dr. Krause's important paleontological finds, he founded a not-for-profit organization entitled the Madagascar Ankizy Fund (ankizy means "children" in the Malagasy language) whose mission is to provide education and health care to children living near expedition sites.  

Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Creatures

The Late Cretaceous of Madagascar was chock full of dinosaurs and other amazing prehistoric creatures. Dr. David Krause and his teams have excavated some of the coolest, and scientifically important, animals ever discovered.  Featured in shows like Prehistoric Planet and Planet Dinosaur, the cannibalistic yet short-armed Majungasaurus, the bizarrely jawed predator Masiakasaurus, and arguably the most dangerous frog that ever lived, Beelzebufo are known to dinosaur fans around the world.

Beelzebufo Madagagascar Ankizy Fund

Majungasaurus Ankizy Fund
Majungasaurus skull and life-restoration

Changing Lives

Madagascar Ankizy Fund

The Ankizy Fund provides support for four schools that provide 1,000 students, girls and boys alike, with an opportunity for education otherwise unavailable.  When the first school opened in 1993, no one (adults or children) could read and write. Thirty years later the schools are bursting at the seams, despite expansion. One of the schools was awarded the best school in the entire region prize! 

The schools change lives for the better. One graduate went on to earn a degree at university and returned to start a women's permaculture association which, as one can see, is blossoming! Another became a paramedic/midwife, saving lives daily. Hear her story here.  

Ankizy Fund Madagascar

Saving Lives

The Ankizy Fund provides monthly medical health clinics, run by Malagasy doctors from the nearest city, which have saved many lives over the years.  They are hosted inside the schools and people walk many kilometers to get treatment for the children, and themselves. 

The Ankizy Fund also provides mosquito nets, clean water wells, and sanitation facilities. Diseases and injuries that are merely a nuisance in the United States are often life-ending in Madagascar. The humble toothbrush and basic antibiotics save hundreds of lives each year. The Ankizy Fund not only educates but saves lives.  


Madagascar Ankizy Fund

 Madagascar saving lives ankizy fund


Your Contribution

The Madagascar Ankizy Fund needs our help! Without continued support the MAF will not be able to provide the much needed and life-changing educational, healthcare, and sanitation services.

Fossil Crates is honored to help and we hope you will too.

By purchasing Madagascar-themed merchandise you will be automatically helping the Ankizy Fund because Fossil Crates donates a percentage of each of those items sold to the MAF. 

If you'd like to donate additional funds, please do so directly via the official Stony Brook University link. The not-for-profit arm of Stony Brook University (SBU) administers the fund.

If you'd like to become more involved with the Madagascar Ankizy Fund please email for more information.

Madagascar Ankizy Fund