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Theories for Behavior in Deinonychosaurs and the Evolution of Avian Monogamy by Taylor Oswald, Brigham Young University Paleontologist

Taylor Oswald, paleontologist at Brigham Young University, sent me this thought-provoking paper on dromaeosaurid hunting practices and the origin of avian monogamy.  I am linking to a PDF as it has numerous images that don't lend themselves easily to a blog post.  Apologies for any formatting issues, they are entirely my fault when I converted it from the Word document.  

Taylor would love any feedback on the paper so feel free to leave comments or email me,, and I will get them directly to Taylor.

I truly believe you will enjoy this manuscript.  I might be a bit biased, though, as Taylor features some of our seriema work :-)!  Stay tuned as a manuscript is in process discussing seriema predation tactics.

Thank you kindly, 


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