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International Dinosaur Day 2021

Noble Fossil Fans!

International Dinosaur Day 2021 is upon us.  What is it?  Aside from a time for the world to come together for a day and celebrate all that is amazing about dinosaurs, it is also the date that Fossil Crates announces its Ambassadors.  Two dinosaurs, one carnivore and one herbivore, are selected to represent their continents throughout the year.  Let's take a moment to celebrate the 2020 Ambassadors for their service (in order of carnivore then herbivore)!

Spinosaurus and Ouranosaurus


Cryolophososaurus and Antarctopelta


Velociraptor and Therizinosaurus


Australovenator and Savannasaurus


Sciurumius and Dacentrurus


South America
Megaraptor and Bajadasaurus


North America
Tyrannosaurus and Pachycephalosaurus



For 2021 Fossil Crates put the Ambassadors to a vote on Instagram, offering Fossil Fans around the world to select between 2 carnivores and 2 herbivores on each continent (hear more about it below). 
With each election receiving thousands of votes the results appear below.  We will be taking a deeper look throughout the month of June at our newly elected Ambassadors. 



Congratulations to each of the new winners!  The order is carnivore first, then herbivore.  The number in parentheses represents the percentage of the vote they carried.
Carcharodontosaurus (75%)
Rebbachisaurus (65%)


Imperobator (100% as the only other theropod, Cryolophosaurus, won last year)
Glacialisaurus (73%)


Alioramus (52%)
Protoceratops (55%)  


Rapator (70%)
Rhoetosaurus (76%)


Megalosaurus (70%)
Aragosaurus (58%)


North America
Allosaurus (67%)
Ankylosaurus (56%)


South America
Tyrannotitan (87%)
Amargasaurus (90%)



Watch our blog regularly for information on each of these amazing animals!
Thank you kindly!!!
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