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Fossil Crates presents a Virtual Summer Camp on dinosaurs!

Noble Fossil Fans,

     This June, Fossil Crates has teamed up with the Arizona Museum of Natural History to present a totally unique Dinosaur Virtual Summer Camp experience, led by Dr. Brian Curtice.   

     Begin in a dino-filled museum built by Mixed Reality Rooms and end with an interactive fossil hunt, the summer camp is designed to maximize camp members' interactions with actual paleontologists. 

Join me one hour a day June 21-25 at Noon PST!


     Each day I will cover a different aspect of dinosaur behavior. We will discuss how to become a paleontologist and what the life of a paleontologist is like.  We will even have special guests to talk about specific topics.  On the last day we will hunt for fossils in the Flaming Cliffs of Mongolia! 


      A crate of fossil casts of the dinosaurs in the museum is available for purchase.  I will be using the casts in the crate to demonstrate how paleontologists learn about the past.

     The Virtual Museum requires a desktop or laptop, it does not work on mobile devices.  A camera and microphone are required to enter the Virtual Museum, though those that don't want to be seen or heard can cover their camera and mute their microphone.  

     The discussions we will have are geared towards those 10 and older.  I don't overly simplify the content as I respect the intelligence and interests of my fellow dinosaur enthusiasts.  Younger participants are welcome, however, and we will work to make sure everyone has a great time.  Families are welcome to visit the Virtual Museum together.

     I am honored to host the summer camp and am excited to meet the next generation of paleontologists and dinosaur fans! 

     Thank you kindly!



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