Measuring specimens - the start of a study comparing estimated measurements versus actual measurements

Aiden Rouse, an independent researcher from Central Florida, conducted a series of observation-based measurements on Galeamopus pabsti (SMA0011) mounted at the Cincinnati Museum Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. The specimen being analyzed was discovered by Swiss paleontologists in the Howe-Stephens Quarry in 1995 but described in 2017 (Tschopp, 2017). SMA0011 consists of an 85% skeleton which includes compete rear limbs and ontogenetic evidence of sexual maturity. Below is the attached PDF consisting of all the estimated measurements of the mount while also including labeled diagrams defining each measurement. 

Measurements were taken "by eye" and one of the interesting applications of Aiden's work is on comparing eye-balled measurements to formal tape measurements with hands on the bone.  

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