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Tyrannosaurus rex Rooted Dentary Tooth Cast and Artwork

Tyrannosaurus rex Rooted Dentary Tooth Cast and Artwork

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This cast of a Tyrannosaurus rex lower jaw (dentary) tooth is magnificent! This tooth was found atop a rock, the jawbone around it eroded away years ago. Such a tooth would retail for thousands of dollars. Thankfully, you can now own a cast of this impressive, rooted tooth, the same ones that are displayed in museums, for much much less :-)

The largest predator to ever live on land, Tyrannosaurus has the most powerful bite of any dinosaur, capable of chunking out 200 pounds of flesh in one titanic bite. If the victim survived the bite, intense bleeding would begin immediately as the T. rex teeth had serrations like steak knives that would have left a jagged wound.


  • Tyrannosaurus rex rooted tooth cast, ~9" long!
  • Exclusive artwork by award-winning and up-and-coming paleoartists excellent for framing and display
  • Up-to-date, fascinating facts on this King of the Dinosaurs from actual dinosaur paleontologists
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Fossil Crates Membership Certificate

Each replica is cast from a mold of the original fossil. They are then hand painted by paleo artisans in the USA, therefore they are subject to variation in color making each specimen unique.

New exclusive paleoart is periodically added to our offerings, therefore artwork featured on this page may not match the artwork delivered.

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