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Complete Spinosaurus - Scaled Skull, Tooth & Claw Casts

Complete Spinosaurus - Scaled Skull, Tooth & Claw Casts

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For the ultimate Spinosaurus fan, this Scaled Skull is the only one available made from laser scans of original fossils.

The skull scans are 3D printed at 1/7th scale and represent the latest in Spinosaurus skull knowledge. 

The included teeth and claw casts demonstrate how ideal Spinosaurus teeth were for piercing and holding slippery prey such as fish.


  • Gorgeous Spinosaurus Scaled Skull,  7" long, 2.5" wide, 3 1/2" tall (5 1/2" tall on the stand and wooden base) with a name plate.
  • 5" Spinosaurus conical tooth cast 
  • 3 1/2" Spinosaurus conical tooth cast
  • Awesomely gigantic Spinosaurus hand claw cast at over 7" long!
  • Exclusive 5" x 7" paleoart of this spectacular creature
  • Map of the skull bones

Each replica was cast from scans of the original fossil and hand-painted by paleoartisans in the USA.

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