Love is in the Air!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Looking for an awesome gift for your dino loving sweetheart? 
Fossil Crates has you covered!


The T. rex Love Story throw blanket is perfect for the theropod lover in your life.  Made of some of the softest materials I have ever felt, this blanket is perfect for snuggling under!


This humorous (and gorgeous) illustration by the incomparable paleoartist Hodari also appears on t-shirts (tank top, V-neck, and unisex!) and a face mask if you aren't ready to snuggle under the blanket just yet.  We built a search for you to see these here.


Our newest crate, the Latest Cretaceous Crate has a dinosaur cast to reflect any mood your Valentine's Day may see you in.  How so?  For those singing with love it includes the "Magnificent Lizard" toe claw of Thescelosaurus!  Feeling guarded?  Fear not, it comes with an Ankylosaurus scute (a piece of armor to keep you safe!).  Wounded of heart?  The Troodon toe claw comes from a dinosaur whose name literally means "Wounding tooth!"  Didja do somethin' foolish (and who hasn't this time of year???), well the ol' "Thick-headed Lizard," Pachycephalosaurus toe claw will remind everyone that bone-headed things happen! :-)
Cretaceous Thescelosaurus Troodon Pachycephalosaurus Ankylosaurus


Fighting like Velociraptor and Protoceratops?  Try the Throwdown in Mongolia crate out. 
Fossil Crates Velociraptor Protoceratops


Or perhaps the argument was a bit... larger?  Nothing says giant make-up like the Ultimate Spinosaurus versus Tyrannosaurus crate!
Fossil Crates Spinosaurus Tyrannosaurus crate


Looking for a not-so-romantic-yet-still-cool gift?  How about a T. rex vs Spinosaurus mug or mousepad
Fossil Crates Spinosaurus Versus Trex MugFossil Crates Spinosaurus Trex mousepad
Looking to write forget-me-nots in the field?  Our Perfect Paleo Field Book is just the thing!  
Fossil Crates Perfect Paleo Field Book


Looking to move in with your significant other?  Give the Everything Duffle Bag as a gift and your significant other will be delighted at your thoughtfulness!  It also works to hasten someone to move out, too ;-0.
Fossil Crates Everything Duffle Bag


Give some sugar to your sweetheart by giving the gift of our Sugar Skull Shirts!  They come in women and men's cuts.  Triceratops for the nice and Diabloceratops for the naughty anyone?  :-)
Fossil Crates Sugar Skull TriceratopsFossil Crates Sugar Skull Diabloceratops


We also offer a sticker sheet with the Sugar Skull DiabloceratopsOtodus megalodon chasing a Great White Shark, a CeratosaurusApatosaurus, and Majungasaurus.
Fossil Crates Sticker Sheet
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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