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#9 Torvosaurus tanneri


 Torvosaurus tanneri - “Tanner’s Savage Lizard”

Torvosaurus theropod dinosaur skeleton

Digital painting of Torvosaurus skeleton in side view

Torvosaurus tanneri - “Tanner’s Savage Lizard”

Family: Megalosauridae

From: United States, North America

Lived: 150 m.y.a., in the Late Jurassic

Named: Galton and Jensen 1979


Fight Day Stats

39’ 11" long (39.9 m)

Weighed in at 5 tons (10,872 lbs, 4,931 kg)



Torvosaurus was truly a savage lizard.  The competitor in this competition comes in at the long end of speculated lengths but, after seeing some unpublished Morrison Formation materials, I think the length is justified.  Its 4’ skull is loaded with 4” teeth and it had a massively powerful bite.  Powerful arms ended in 5” claws, allowing this bruising predator to choose between outright wild attack or “slash, bite, wait”.  How will Torvosaurus do against some of the toughest dinosaurs the world has ever known?  We’ll soon find out!

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