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#6 Saurophaganax maximus


 Saurophaganax maximus - “Greatest King of the Reptile-Eaters”



Family Allosauridae

From: United States, North America

Lived: 145 m.y.a., in the Late Jurassic

Named: Chure 1995


Fight Day Stats

40’ 0" long (12.2 m)

Weighed in at 5 tons (10,326 pounds, 4,684 kg)



Saurophaganax, with one of the most fearsome names in the tournament, is the State Fossil of Oklahoma.  It has a complicated backstory, having been dug up by farmhands employed by the Works Power Act during the Great Depression, many of the bones were damaged and no quarry maps were made.  Despite collection challenges, the surviving bones indicate a massive Jurassic predator.  The roughly 4’ femur and over 1.5’ long humerus suggest an animal whose massive legs could chase down prey that would be slashed and smashed by powerful arms with massive claws.  No skull has been found but the existing skeletal remains indicate a close affinity to Allosaurus, which means this animal had a mouth full of sharp teeth!

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