#5 Giganotosaurus carolinii


Giganotosaurus carolinii - “Carolini’s Giant Southern Lizard”

By Jonathan Chen

Family Carcharodontosauridae

From: Argentina, South America

Lived: 97 m.y.a, in the Late Cretaceous

Named: 1995 by Coria and Salgado


Fight Day Stats

39’ 4" long (11.99 m)

Weighed in at 6 tons (12,428 pounds, 5,637 kg)



Giganotosaurus is the self-proclaimed Chompion based on a 1997 paper by the paleontologists that first named it.  Such boldness isn’t without merit, the skull is estimated to have been 5’ 9”, making it longer than that of the current Chomp, T. rex.  With a 4’ 5” femur, huge skull, and powerful arms with 3 sharp claws on each hand Giganotosaurus certainly looks the part of a Chomp!  Some may be surprised at the low seeding (#5), however, after having personally looked at the material in 1998 (and someday my blog will share the tales of that adventure!) I opted to go with a more svelte 6 tons despite proposed ranges of 4-20 tons.  With such a low seed Giganotosaurus enters the tourney with a chip on its shoulder!

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