2021 Chewly Chompionship Bracket


 Welcome to the 2021 Chewly Chompionship bracket page. 

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Competitor Information


Dr. BC goes over the Heavyweight here

Dr. BC discusses the Heavyweight Round 1 Matches here.

(Min 6,000 lbs., the top half of the bracket)

Click on a name to learn more about the competitor 

1. Tyrannosaurus (Chompion)

2. Spinosaurus

3. Tyrannotitan

4. Giganotosaurus

5. Saurophaganax

6. Torvosaurus

7. Carcharodontosaurus

8. Allosaurus



Dr. BC goes over the Lightweight competitor strengths here

Dr. BC discuss the Round 1 Lightweight matchups here 

(Max 1,500 lbs., the bottom half of the bracket)

Click on a name to learn more about the competitor

1. Megaraptor

2. Megalosaurus

3. Utahraptor

4. Alioramus

5. Shaochilong

6. Dilophosaurus

7. Ceratosaurus

8. Struthiomimus


Rankings were determined by the Fossil Crates team based off of academic papers, personal inspection of specimens, a matrix of stack-ranked characters, and gut feeling.  Feel free to disagree, that is what makes paleontology so much fun!

Bracket entries close July 8th at 11:30 PM PST.  

Dinosaur victors will be determined by Noble Fossil Fans voting on Instagram Stories @FossilCrates and/or our Facebook  page starting on Friday the 9th.  Voting will be open for 24 hours for each match.  Watch our social pages and check your emails for info!

Entrants create a bracket for the thrill of speculating which dinosaurs would win in a face-to-face conflict.  There are no tangible, physical prizes being awarded.  There will be a live broadcast discussing Chompionship results at the conclusion of the tournament.  There may be live discussions between rounds as well, check our social media pages for updates.

Bracket round points will employ a Fibonacci-like scoring system:

  • Round 1 - 2 points
  • Round 2 - 3 points
  • Round 3 - 5 points
  • Round 4 - 8 points





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