2020 Dinosaur Fan Holiday Shopping Guide

Best Gifts for Dinosaur Fans!
Dinosaur paleontologist, Dr. Brian Curtice, shares his top 5 must haves for dinosaur fans!


1 - Fossil Crates
Maybe we're biased, but you won't find a better holiday gift-opening experience than Fossil Crates!  Literally "Bring the Museum Home" with Fossil Crates at www.FossilCrates.com !  Hand-molded, hand-cast, and hand-painted by paleoartists, Fossil Crates sells the absolute best quality casts of dinosaur teeth, claws, and jaws!  Each crate comes with commissioned artwork and offers the coolest unboxing experience around!  If you are looking for the best Holiday gift-opening experience you won't find anything better than Fossil Crates!
PS-did you know Velociraptor claws make great stocking stuffers?
2 - Subscription to Prehistoric Times
If your dinosaur aficionado is hardcore into the words, phrases, and lifestyle of paleontology you can't find a better magazine than Prehistoric Times!  The best paleo-magazine around, Prehistoric Times features articles by paleontologists on the latest research and awesome how-to-illustrate prehistoric creature articles.  I read it for the ads as you never know what you will see!
3 - Safari Ltd. dinosaurs
Dinosaur toy collectors can't go wrong with any of the Safari Ltd specimens.  Wonderful paint schemes and excellent attention to detail make them the leaders in dinosaur figures for adults and children alike!

4- Dinosaur dig!
Though they won't be able to use it for months as all the dinosaur digs will be covered in snow, buying a dinosaur dig experience definitely will be something they remember forever! 
There are numerous reputable dig experiences to be had, such as the Wyoming Dinosaur Center and the Museum of Western Colorado.  If you want a paleontology dig experience that lets you bring specimens home, American Fossil excavates in a famous fossil fish quarry in Wyoming and lets you take home anything you find!
5 - Scientifiques
Though one can find hundreds of dino-themed gifts on Etsy, one merchant stands out: Scientifiques!  Handmade dinosaur-themed jewelry and the most accurate dinosaur sculptures around. Be sure to give Lorraine Chure's store a look!
Scientifiques dinosaur jewelry

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