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#2 Spinosaurus aegyptiacus


Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, “Spined Lizard from Egypt”

Family: Spinosauridae

From: Egypt, Africa

Lived: 95 m.y.a., in the Late Cretaceous

Named: 1915 by Stromer



Fight Day Stats

49’ 11" Long (15.2 m)

Weighed in at 7 tons (14,890 pounds, 6,754 kg)



Spinosaurus proves you can’t keep a good dinosaur down!  Named in 1915 for the 6’ tall spine on its back, it's only known bones were destroyed in World War II.  Paleontologists found additional material at the turn of the century and recently found even more, demonstrating not only was Spinosaurus the longest meat-eating dinosaur, but it also was aquatic, a first among dinosaurs!  With a near 6’ long skull loaded with spearing teeth, this pesky piscivorous pugilist possesses powerful scythe-like slashing hand claws.  Can its immense length, long snout, and wicked claws make it the 2020 Chompion?

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