#16 Pycnonemosaurus nevesi

#16 seed in the Fossil Crates 2020 Chew-ly Chompionship


Pycnonemosaurus nevesi “Neves’ Dense Woods Lizard” (pronounced "Pick-know-knee-moe")



Family: Abelisauridae

From: Brazil, South America

Lived: 70 m.y.a., in the Late Cretaceous

Named: Kellner and Campos 2002


Fight Day stats

30' 4" long (9.2 m)

Weighed in at 3.5 tons (7,297 lbs, 3,310 kg)


Pycnonemosaurus is the smallest competitor in the tournament.  Known from poorly preserved bones in the tail, hip, and leg, what was discovered was enough to identify the animal as the largest of the abelisaurids, meat-eating dinosaurs known for having arms even smaller than tyrannosaurids (how is that even possible???), bulldog-like skulls loaded with small teeth powered by a weak (for this tournament) bite, large legs, and an exceptionally rigid spine from the base of the neck through the front third of the tail.  The legs and tail combination suggest Pycnonemosaurus had explosive speed, more like a “mouth on a missile”.  For the tournament, Pycnonemosaurus is presumed to have had osteoderms (a kind of bony armor) in its skin.  It will take a powerful bite to cause this predator severe damage.

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