#14 Allosaurus fragilis

#14 seed in the Fossil Crates 2020 Chew-ly Chompionship


Allosaurus fragilis “Fragile Different Lizard”

Family: Allosauridae

From: United States, North America

Lived: 145 m.y.a., in the Late Jurassic

Named: Marsh 1877 


Fight Day stats

39' 11" long (12.2 m)

Weighed in 3 tons (6,948 lbs, 3,152 kg)



This is no run-of-the-mill Allosaurus, nope this one used to go by the name Epanterias.  The bones were so large it took over 100 years to realize it was a giant Allosaurus and not a unique dinosaur!.  It had roughly 52 teeth ranging from 2” to 4” long.  Huge, sharp talons adorned each of its 3 fingers, which were attached to long, strong arms.  Once prey was grabbed, Allosaurus would bite down then violently thrust its powerful neck backward, neatly snipping chunks of flesh from the hapless victim.  Allosaurus possessed the widest-opening mouth of any meat-eating dinosaur, able to open to a jaw-dropping 92°!  Such a massively gaping maw has been speculated to be an adaptation to using its skull like a hatchet.  With an animal firmly grasped with strong arms, it could open its mouth and, with its powerful neck, hammer away akin to meat-tenderizer!  It rounded out its arsenal with a long tail acting as a counter-balance and steering mechanism. It had good speed thanks to hits long legs.  How the speedy, wide-mouthed, comparatively light Allosaurus will do in this tournament of heavyweights remains to be seen, but with speed and snake-like striking capability, it may yet become the next Chompion!

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