#11 Siats meekerorum


 Siats meekerorum - “Meerker’s Man-eating Monster”

Family: Neovenatoridae

From: United States, North America

Lived: 95 m.y.a., in the Late Cretaceous

Named: Zanno and Makovicky 2013


Fight Day Stats

39’ 0" long (11.9 m)

Weighed in at 4 tons (8,004 lbs, 3630 kg)



Siats (pronounced ‘see-atch’) was named after “a predatory, man-eating monster from legends of the Ute native tribe of Utah”.  Though we have no skull material of this giant predator, based on the bones that were excavated we know it would have had no problem swallowing a person in two bites (of course people and theropods never lived together so this couldn’t have happened!).  A partially preserved fibula (leg bone) was used to extrapolate the size of the femur, the bone most often used to determine the size of meat-eating dinosaurs.  The speculative femoral measurements put Siats on par with Chilantaisaurus and Saurophaganax, and slightly smaller than an adult Acrocanthosaurus, which for a neovenator-type dinosaur is huge!  Even more impressive, the backbones indicate the dinosaur was still growing!  

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